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Produced by Brett Hestla Productions

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Brett Hestla Productions

Written and Recorded by:

Bryant August:

All Lyrics. Lead Vocals, and Guitars on all tracks. All Song arrangements.

Counterfeits of Control Written by: Bryant August & Kahra

Song arranged by Zhach Kelsch

Guest vocals on "One" [Acoustic] (feat Kahra)

Brett Hestla:

Bass and Guitars on tracks 

Zhach Kelsch:

Drums on all tracks

Chad Szeliga:

Featured Drums on "Never Alone"

All songs Produced, Mixed, Mastered by Brett Hestla Productions

Copyrights Reserved

Live Performance Members:

Bryant August - Lead Vocals / Guitars
Kahra - Vocals
Lorenzo DelVecchio - Lead Guitar
Michael Brown - Drums
Dallas Sita - Bass

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